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Get Eco-Friendly Hardwood

Discover hardwood flooring that’s good for your home and the planet. Epic™ uses less harvested wood than other flooring options and comes with EnviroCore™, an inner layer made from recycled wood fibers.

Trust Shaw Hardwood

Shaw is committed to sustainability and knowing where the hardwood used in our flooring originates. In line with The Lacey Act, we take steps to ensure our wood is legally delivered and sourced.

Epic™: Uses EnviroCore™, made from recycled wood fibers.
Engineered: Stacked wood, bonded under heat and pressure.
Solid: Milled from a single piece of hardwood, lasts generations.

Epic – Heartland – Caramel

Engineered – Cypress Mountain – Alphine

Solid – Cape Ann – Rockport

Epic – Country Club – Bonfire

Engineered – Brushed Suede – Buckskin

Solid – Eagle Ridge – Red Oak Natural

Epic – HGTV – Castle Field – Viewmount

Solid – Golden Opportunity – Butterscotch

Epic – Up North – Rustic Maple